Who Is to The Seymour Oil Company?

With over 20 years of home heating oil delivery experience, The Seymour Oil Company is here to give the local feel back to the business. Conveniently located in Seymour, CT, we offer full service to over 30 towns and cities in Connecticut. We are the fastest growing oil company in Connecticut. Our mission is to provide all of our customers with top notch customer service and a quality product at an affordable price! We at The Seymour Oil Co. feel it is proper business to know who your oil (or propane) man is, so we can be more than just a delivery service. Our trusted partner, Allen's Plumbing Supply, has been locally owned and operated for more than 45 years and has become part of the community. This is what we aim to be at The Seymour Oil Company. Know who your oil delivery service is before you hire just anybody online! We are a C.O.D company and we also are vendors with the Connecticut Energy Assistance Program! Give us a call at 203-888-1700, email us at info@seymouroilct.com, or fill out the information on our homepage to become a customer today! Let us fill your tank, without draining your wallet!


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