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Central Air Conditioning

Seymour Energy Services provides quality workmanship at affordable prices.


Full-Service Central Air Conditioning Services

You want to be sure your air conditioning will be stable and that you and your family will remain comfortable in the heat of the summer. Seymour Energy Services recognizes just how important your air conditioning units are and prides itself on the best quality service in Connecticut at prices that work with your budget.

At Seymour Energy Services, we install air conditioners from top name brands like Century Comfort Aire. Our products meet or exceed industry standards for energy efficiency and they’re designed for reliability. 
We offer the best expertise, technical advice, and customer service available, along with same day and next day service


Experienced Air Conditioning Technicians

At Seymour Energy Services, we are dedicated to serving our customers and providing a full range of central air conditioning services. Our experienced technicians install new units and service existing units.

We choose the highest quality products for each of our customers and ensure that installation is done right the first time. The last thing you want is to find that your air conditioning unit has not been properly installed or is going to fail during the peak of the summer’s hottest months


Central Air Cooling Tip

Central air conditioning systems must be in tip-top shape for cooling a house efficiently. When properly working, the system should produce a temperature "differential" of 1 to 20 degrees, between return and supply air. This means that if the air being drawn into the system is 75 degrees, the air coming out should be at least 60 degrees. If it's not, your air conditioner is probably low on refrigerant and you are wasting electricity. 

Even after servicing, make sure your central air conditioning system stays in shape by changing the filter at least once per month. At less than a dollar a piece, a clean filter can save you thousands on repairs by keeping the central air conditioning system free of clogs that can cause the compressor to break down.